Preserving Memories

I have written a journal for about ten years now. I think that it is one of the best ways to preserve memories. I love reading old entries and getting transported back into time.

Recently, I have found another way to do same thing. I was searching through some old video tapes that I thought were just garbage and have found a lot of family memories. We used to tape things all the time on our VHS camcorder. It was a great surprise finding all these old tapes.

Now that VCRs are on their way out, I thought I would get rid of my old tapes that I haven’t seen in years. But I just can’t get rid of these old camcorder tapes. I can watch these again and see my grandparents who passed away some time ago. I can see how dorky I looked like as a teenager (of course back then I thought I was cool.)

So I went shopping and purchased a relatively cheap DVD recorder. I am now in the process of transferring all those special moments onto DVDs. I can put the discs into a wallet and throw out boxes and boxes of out-dated tapes. This also makes it easier to share these memories with my family because everyone these days has a DVD player and few even have VCRs anymore.