The Podcast Is Fading Away

I started The Chase March Show way back in June of 2009 when I had the opportunity to interview The New Cities. 

Since then, I have posted 18 episodes that have featured interviews from rappers and Olympic athletes. I even featured a mixtape that I made.

I had planned to release monthly episodes but I simply don’t have the time to do so. I am quite busy producing segments for DOPEfm. I don’t have the time to carry a separate show as well.

I would like to see my podcast stay up forever. I would like to update it whenever I feel like it and not have to worry about producing monthly episodes. However, mypodcast is cleaning up sites that aren’t updated regularly and have warned me that I need to keep a monthly schedule of updates to avoid deletion.

I don’t want to splinter my time any further than it already is. As such, The Chase March Show podcast will be shut down soon. I will try to move the shows so you can still catch them but in the meantime, if you want them, please go an download them before they are gone.

Thanks for all your support.

4 responses to “The Podcast Is Fading Away”

  1. Hi Chase .. sorry that you feel the podcast has to go – but at least you'll keep it up elsewhere .. sometime .. so it can be accessed …

    You never know when you'll use them again ..

    Keep well .. all the best Hilary

  2. Hi Hilary,

    One of the reasons I like to transcribe the interviews or write articles based on them is so that if anything happened to the audio files, I'd still have the interview.

    But it is a shame the podcast is shutting down. It will be some work to move the episodes and to update the links but ultimately less work that coming up with new content on a monthly basis.

  3. I've had lots of fun with the supplementary podcast on my blog, but it *does* require a lot of time, particularly if you're including interviews. Sorry you're having to stop for now, but hopefully you'll be able to start back up again at a later date!

  4. Hi K.M.

    I like your podcasts and videos. I've been wanting to do something similar but like you say, it is quite time consuming.

    I will still podcast but I will have to host the files somewhere else whenever I sporadically do a show.

    Thanks for the comment!