Please Vote for Me (And Cool Music)

I need your help.

I am participating in a Social Playlist Challenge this month. I will be making a 15 song playlist every week for the month of November. I am competing against four other music connoisseurs in this challenge and really need your support if I am to win.

The first challenge this month was to make a 15 song playlist based around the theme “Uplift Me.”

I wasn’t merely content with drafting a playlist, so I crafted a mixtape. You can download it or stream it here.  I hope you enjoy listening to it. But I really do need your vote. It’s quick and painless. Honest!

Please vote for me by Retweeting the above Twitter post . . .

or by clicking “like” on this Facebook status . . .

or you can do both 🙂

I don’t often ask much of you dear reader. Please take a moment to vote for me. I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks a lot!

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