Please Donate to Campus Radio

Radio Western is volunteer-fueled radio that I have had the privileged to be involved with for many years now. It’s a great station that allows me to bring my underground hip-hop show, Word is Bond Rap Radio, to you every single week.

Each year we run a fundraising campaign to help us continue to provide the services you have all come to expect. We are always grateful for every donation and contribution. We couldn’t operate 94.9 fm Radio Western without the support from individuals and organizations both on campus and in the wider London community.


Here are ways you can support independent, local radio:

1.   If you’d like a charitable donation receipt, you can get one instantly on the Western Portal.

2.   From October 26th to November 3rd, you can call our DJs live-in-studio at 519-661-3600 and offer up a pledge.

3.   Reach out to any show host or volunteer and offer to donate or get involved with the station. See a Radio Western sponsored event? Stop by and show us some love! We’re always happy to hear from you, so don’t be afraid to come talk to us.


How else can you help support locally produced, independent, community-based radio?

Help us spread the word!

Share our events, music, and content on all social media platforms: Retweet our tweets, Like our posts, Talk to your friends and neighbours about us, leave us a review, volunteer with the station… The list goes on!


We are here for you 24 hours a day, every day. Can you be here for us?