Pipes and Rails Skatepark Tour

I went out skateboarding on Saturday and was elated that I could still do so in the middle of December.

I really wanted to go out again today but it was raining and miserable. However, I didn’t let that stop me.

I could skate all winter long if I wanted. It’s a bit of a trek, but this facility is worth exploring.

The Duncan McIntosh Community Centre is located in Cambridge, Ontario.

In fact, I’ve been here before. I ran right passed what I thought was simply an arena during one of my trail runs. 

I had no idea that Pipes and Rails was an indoor skatepark.

It’s a fitting name though.

Pipes and Rails Indoor Skatepark.

There are several quarter pipe ramps, a 5-foot half-pipe ramp, a half dozen rails, and other obstacles to skate, scooter, or BMX on.

The park was abuzz with skaters and riders. A few parents sat on the small set of bleachers along the side to make it a packed house.

This was by far my favourite feature of the park. I spent a lot of time on the half-pipe this afternoon.

This art look literally jumps off the wall.

As you can see, an actual skateboard is suspended under the art work. Very cool!

There is snack bar window as well.

For more information about this skatepark, visit the City of Cambridge website.

I hope you enjoyed this tour and I hope to see you out and about at the skateparks!

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