A Photographic Tour of Pinafore Park

Pinafore Park is one of the jewels of St. Thomas, Ontario.

It is also the focus of today’s Visual Running Tour.

I didn’t know where this trail would lead, how long it was, or how great a run it would be. But sometimes it’s just fun to take off and run into the unknown.

The trail wasn’t the best. There were a lot of tree roots to watch out for. It was only about a kilometer in length as well.

It did, however, bring me to this gorgeous lake. Signs warned that it was a wildlife preserve so I snapped a quick picture and headed back down the trail.

The playground is really impressive. They have a great climbing structure, and a splash pad.

I followed the paved trail along the perimeter of the park to see what else I could find.

This is Pinafore Pond. In the past, it “provided power for an early grist mill” and now serves as a “reintroduction site for the Trumpeter Swan.” (City of St. Thomas website) 

Trumpeter Swan Pictures, Images and Photos

The Trumpeter, the largest of the swans, weighing 12.65 kg (27 lbs) and having a wingspan of 2.43 to 2.74 metres (8-9 ft), was once prevalent in Southern Ontario. Heavy shooting, human encroachment, and restricted habitat have contributed to the decline of this native bird.  However, concentrated efforts are being made to preserve the Trumpeter Swan and its status is greatly improving. (City of St. Thomas website) 

The park has several flower gardens as well.

This looks like it would be a perfect place for a family picnic or a day out with the kids. It’s not the best place in the world to go for a trail run, but I had fun. I hope you enjoyed this visual tour.

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2 responses to “A Photographic Tour of Pinafore Park”

  1. Hi Chase .. maybe not the ideal for a runner type run – but good for little ones, or family stroll – wonderful things to see and do too – with the bird watching, playground and as you say picnic … looks just lovely – cheers Hilary