People Look Better on TV

I don’t know why I can be so taken by someone simply because they are on television. I can’t figure out why people seem to look better on TV. Perhaps it is easier to fall in love with someone on the screen. I just wish this would happen in real life soon.

I’m ready to move on. It’s been a long time since my heart was broken. But I don’t want to go looking for my true soul mate. I figure that if it is meant to be, we will find each other. Maybe that is naive of me.

I don’t think I’ll find her on television. But I guess, you never really know.

All I know is that there is this certain redhead who keeps showing up on commercials. She is a store owner and not an actor. She is really cute and something about her just draws me to the television every time I see a commercial for this store.

This chain has several commercials where actual store owners appear. Some of these owners have their name appear on screen as well as the location of the store. So I’ve kept a sharp eye out hoping that her name would appear in one of these commercials.

It finally did tonight.

Her name is Sarah Rurka. I thought knowing her name would help. But she’s from the other side of the country. So I guess that is that. I just thought I’d write her this entry in the hopes that she might read it and drop a comment or an email.

So Sarah Rurka from Home Hardware, I’m enamoured. I just thought you should know.

9 responses to “People Look Better on TV”

  1. Hi Anonymous,

    I looked for a video or a photo of her online to put up with this post and I couldn’t find one. I just tried again and came up blank. Sorry.

    Anyway, her name is Sarah Jayne Rurka and she often does the tag at the end of the commercials where she says “Only at Home Hardware and Home Hardware Building Centre.”

  2. ha ha that is too funny, I know her and work with her she is a doll and even cuter in person a definate 10 and she lieks her men like that too good luck!!! i bet she loves poems write her one!!!

  3. Sorry bud, she’s taken and has been for a few years. Better luck next time.

  4. what’s funy about this whole thing is my girlfriend from the east coast of canada looks sooo much like sarah it’s not even funny!

  5. Hi Anonymous of May 15th,

    You shouldn’t tell me that bro. I’m on the east coast of Canada too. Well at least we call it east coast in hip hop.

  6. Try “” It isn’t officially open but does have Ms Rurkas pic. Also try Homehardware LLoydminster.

  7. The previous "Anonymous" is an idiot.

    "what's funny about this whole thing is my girlfriend from the east coast of canada looks sooo much like sarah it's not even funny!"

    so is it funny or not? For eff's sake, make up your mind, dammit.

    Hint: it's not funny at all. No one cares.