Peace and Respect to MJ

“If you ever made a cruel joke about Michael Jackson, you need to apologize first before riding his d*ck now that he’s passed.”

“Y’all knew Ghostface’s “All That I Got Is You” samples Michael Jackson?”

“Y’all knew Nas’ “It Ain’t Hard to Tell” samples Michael Jackson?”

“Y’all knew Puff Daddy & Biggie’s “It’s All About the Benjamins” samples Michael Jackson?”

“Y’all knew Naughty By Nature’s “O.P.P.” and “World Go Round” both sample Michael Jackson?”

“Y’all knew Jadakiss‘ “Put Ya Hands Up” samples Michael Jackson?”

“Y’all knew Ludacris‘ “One More Drink” samples Michael Jackson?”

“Y’all knew Kris Kross‘ “Jump” samples Michael Jackson?”

“Y’all knew De La Soul’s “Breakadawn” samples Michael Jackson?”

“Y’all knew 2Pac’s “Letter 2 My Unborn” samples Michael Jackson?”

“Y’all knew Big Pun’s “You Ain’t A Killer” samples Michael Jackson?”

“Y’all knew Saigon’s “My Crew” samples Michael Jackson?”

“Y’all knew 50 Cent’s “Tia Told Me” samples Michael Jackson?”

These are some insightful posts that Ivan Rott of Hip Hop is Read put on his Twitter page. I appreciate how he has helped us all remember how influential and legendary this artist was.

I still can’t believe that Michael Jackson is gone. He changed the face of pop music and pop culture.  Pretty much every musician these days is influenced by MJ. Rappers sample his music. Pop stars emulate his dancing style. Bands of every genre try to have ground breaking videos and some have even covered or remade some of his. MJ’s influence is undeniable.

I remember playing his Thriller tape so much that I actually wore it out. It is one of the best albums of all time.

That is why I don’t like to see some of the disrespectful articles that have been written about him since his passing. One headline even read “A Bizarre Life Ends.”

I couldn’t believe that a newspaper could print something so disrespectful to the man’s legacy on its front cover. The newspaper articles and blog drudge up all the questionable things and problems he had over his short life as well. Is this really necessary?

Let’s just remember and celebrate the music and the influence we all feel today.

That is why I am grateful that some people out there are covering this with respect and decency.

I love that Ivan Rott put together a compilation entitled “Fathers of Rap: Michael Jackson” It’s a great way to pay tribute to a legend.

Rest in Peace MJ. You will be missed, but your music, videos, and influence will live on forever.

One response to “Peace and Respect to MJ”

  1. I totally agree. It seems a lot of people are, though acknowledging his death, focus more on his life and him as a person and how, in that way, he is not that remarkable. Those people think his lifestyle and the choices he made are why he is famous – they've seemed to forgotten the talent that skyrocketed him to fame in the first place, and that that is how we are to remember him by.

    I really, truly wish he could've stuck around long enough to do his final tour. I wasn't around in the '80s to hear his music, but he's a legend because that music has transcended decades, and I can listen to it now as something that doesn't sound old, and could be a hit this week just as it was decades ago.

    So it's very sad to see him go, but like you said, his music and his legacy aren't going anywhere.