Own the Day, Make it Perfect

The Perfect Day Formula How to Own the Day and Control Your Life by Craig Ballantyne

“The Perfect Day formula requires you to think differently and let go of your old ways. The average approach to life is not working for you or anyone else. Greatness requires you to think and act differently, especially in the face of intense peer pressure.”

Every now and then it can feel like we’ve had a perfect day. These are often few and far between. However, if we change the way we do things, we can set ourselves up for greatness. We can have great days if we don’t just go through the motions. Here is some of the advice that Ballantyne suggests to make that happen.

To-Do Lists

“Despite the technological advances in the world, a simple to-do list remains the secret of successful people. One needs not the latest app or smartphone to best use this powerful tool. What remains a problem, despite centuries of use, is how to properly construct a to-do list that allows you to finish what matters, rather than contributing to your frustration.”

Having a list isn’t enough though.

“Breaking down your to-do list goals into what are called process goals will help you realistically set your schedule and, more importantly, accomplish what you set out to achieve. Scripting and scheduling tasks, complete with a beginning and end time or goal, will allow you to make the progress you so desperately seek.”

NOT-to-do Lists

There are plenty of things that throw you off track, eat up your time, and get you in a bad mood. So, why not make a list of those things you know you should be cutting out.

“Make an honest assessment of what will throw you off track. Identify these interlopers and banish them from your battlefield. The best way to avoid any item on your not-to-do list is to implement rules that make it all but impossible to do the wrong thing. If you have a system, it will make the right actions automatic. That is how you win the morning and have a Perfect Day.”

One way you can start is by focusing on the mornings.

“Identify your temptations. Write them down. And then plan and prepare to methodically remove them from your morning.”

Sharpen Up That List

“Be thorough with your list and ruthless with your time. You can’t do everything. Every wasteful activity in life robs you of moments you could spend focusing on your family, friends, and health. You must draw the line somewhere. Cut out the minutiae, win your morning, control your day, and know what you will NOT do.”

I have started to eliminate a few things from my life. There are things that aren’t worth my time. I have so many things that I want to do. I need more time.

Avoidance is Key

“It’s what we are able to avoid that allows us to stay on track and achieve superior results.”

That’s a succinct way to put it.

You Are in the Driver’s Seat

“There is an old saying: ‘If it is to be, it’s up to me.’ That is the cold, hard truth. You, and you alone, are responsible for exactly where you are in life. You are responsible for your friends, your family, your wealth, your health, your energy, your motivation, your days, your nights, your rules, your vision, and your behavior.”

You have more control than you think. So own the day and make it the best it can be. Hopefully a perfect day is on your horizon.

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