Out to Save Hip Hop

I subscribe to about a dozen hip hop blogs. It’s a great way to get information about up and coming artists, producers, and albums. It is also one of the best ways to stay in touch with what is relevant in today’s hip hop world.

You can’t find good hip hop on the radio or video channels these days. It’s hiding. You need to actively search out the real music on blogs, university radio stations, and websites.

I came across this post today on Source Magazine’s blog. Anyone in the know has to be familiar with this publication. They used to be THE hip hop publication. The magazine has been referenced in countless rap songs and their record ratings are a thing of history. In fact, they were once heralded as the Bible of hip hop.

I used to buy the mag regularly. I used to wallpaper my room with posters, photographs, and album ads from the publication. Over the past several years though, they seemed to have slipped. They’ve lost some popularity and a bit of their relevance as they tried to expand with hip hop and the various genres, sounds, and styles that became popular. I can’t blame them for that at all. But the mag just isn’t for me and the underground type of music that I am a fiend for.

I was excited to read this post just now. DMC from the legendary group Run-DMC is set to jump off with a new reality show and a comic book. This show isn’t about a has-been celebrity trying to desperately crawl back into the spotlight. This show is going to be what hip hop is all about. I am really excited about the premise.

The show Kings of Rap will showcase aspiring rappers who want to get a record deal. DMC won’t let them use offensive language, degrade women, or use some of the other negative aspects of hip hop that have become cliche.

Bravo D for bringing back conscious rap. Now, if only I had cable and could catch this.

The link to the Source blog entry is here. Check it out! I’m sure it’ll be worth it.