Out of Bounds

You want what you can’t have.
It’s a universal truth,
at least I hope so.
It could explain a lot.
I want things that I don’t need,
I need things that I don’t want.
I try to stay in bounds
but what exactly are the boundaries?

People break laws all the time.
Everyone speeds down the 401,
if I don’t follow the flow of traffic,
it feels dangerous.
I get honked at, tail-gaited, and cut in front of,
So I throw up my hands and speed.
I’ve done it so much that I don’t pay attention to the speedometer anymore.

Is this a poem if it doesn’t rhyme?
Am I out of bounds by not following a formula?
for writing?
for driving?
for life as a whole?

The answer,
I think so.
Take that as you may.