Our Classroom Rules Apply to the Teacher as well.

These are the classroom rules that I expect everyone in my class to follow, myself included. That is one of the reasons I decided to write these in the first person. I didn’t write “Do Your Best,” I wrote “Do My Best.” This is a subtle distinction but I hope it communicates that these are rules I live by in the school as well.

As a teacher, I do my best every day to make sure that I reach each and every student, that I deliver the best lessons possible, and that I motivate my students to want to strive to learn.

I also have to follow directions from the school board, the federation, the college of teachers, and my principal. I listen attentively by not trying to type, text, or multi-task when someone is talking to me about something important. I follow the Golden Rule and model respect.

If we want students to behave in the classroom we need to set a good example. I do my best to do that on a daily basis.

I formatted it so that it is 24″ by 32″ and makes a great poster for the classroom. Most print shops can handle this size. I printed it off for under $10.

You can download this poster as an MS Word document.

It looks great on my classroom wall.

I hope you will find it useful as well.

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