Original Names in the Age of Google

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In this day and age, musicians have to use the Internet effectively. There is no excuse for not researching your band name before you even consider trying to start a music career.

If you are starting a band, a rap group, or even launching a solo carreer, I think your first step should be to take it to Google.

Google Your Name

I can’t stress this enough. Your name is very important. You should take some time to check out all of your options before you put out any of your music or start playing shows.

Be Original

If a band out there already has the name you wanted, pick a different name. You could also change the spelling a bit or add another word or even a number to the name if someone else is using it (although this can sometimes be confusing as well)

If an organization or website has your name, figure out a way you can differentiate yourself from them creatively, or keep searching for an original band name.

Reserve Your Space Online

Once, you’ve picked your name, use it for everything. Sign up for a domain name, even if you don’t know how to build a website. You can always get a free blog and then point your domain there. It’s fairly easy to do and best of all, it’s free.

Keep It Universal

Get the same user name for everything. Sign up for a Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Google account, etc with the exact same name with the same spelling for each one.

One of my biggest beefs when I try to find an artist on those platforms and I can’t. It’s really confusing if your band is called Haven’t Met Yet but on Facebook you go by The Haven’t Met Yet, and on Twitter you simply go by Haven’t Met, and on MySpace you go by The Real Haven’t Met Yet Collective. See how that can be confusing?

Pick one handle and use it over multiple platforms.

Build a Web Presence

One of my biggest beefs is when I go online to research an artist or band for an upcoming interview, I cannot find them. There simply isn’t any excuse for not being online these days. Most platforms are free and easy to use. You can get some of your music online for free. Even YouTube is a option. Just get something out there.

Don’t Forget the Bio

I also need to find a bio (biography) of you online. Once again, take some time in writing this and use the same bio over multiple platforms. After all, you want people to know who you are, where you came from, why you do what you do, and how long you’ve been doing it. It just adds credibility.

Make it Easy

I have so many artists, musicians, and bands that I can interview or play on the show. If you don’t use the Internet effectively, and it is simply too hard to find you, I may move on to someone else and you’ve lost a chance to get some shine on the radio, podcast, and blog.

Join the Discussion

If you have any tips for new artists, or anything you’d like to add to this list, please leave a comment below, retweet this, or take it to Facebook.

I’d love to hear from you.

2 responses to “Original Names in the Age of Google”

  1. Hi Chase .. we start out not being sure exactly where we are going .. so by the time the brand is established or our thought processes have settled we have existences and then it's too late ..

    At the beginning of blogging I was told find your brand .. and perhaps I have now – but I wander happily along – and I'll settle myself sometime!

    For newbies though – your words are essential reading and actionable .. cheers Hilary

  2. Hi Hilary,

    I know that most of the times people just fumble around with this stuff.

    I had my brand of Silent Cacophony picked out well before I started blogging. I wasn't the only blog with that title when I started but with some hard work, I quickly rose to the top listing on a Google search now.

    I just hope this advice helps people and makes it easier to find them online.