Open Forum Comments

Hi Everyone,

This page is for you to leave any comment that you would like to.

I really look forward to hearing from readers.

We are on this journey together.


Chase March

10 responses to “Open Forum Comments”

  1. Hi Chase,
    I have never commented on a blog before… but this is a MUST!

    I am a new teacher and stumbled upon your blog one fine day. I can't tell you how wonderful you have been, Silent Mentor. I will give back to other teachers the way you have…. we work really hard… sharing what we learn while on the journey…. it's our philosophy.

    Well, all in all, the best gift I could probably give you is to let you know HOW MUCH you have inspired and helped me along the way.

    Each step you take seems to be one of confidence and therefore, your footprint has been left… keep walking!

  2. Thank you so much for that last comment. That was the best "gift" I could have hoped to get on my blog birthday. I really appreciate that.

    I know that quite a few people get value out of my Teaching Tip Tuesday series but I often don't hear about it. I wish I did more often.

    Happy teaching 🙂

  3. Hi Chase. I've been teaching for a few years, but I'm in the midst of making a switch from Grade 7&8 Life Skills to Grade 3/4. As I've been gathering ideas for the new year, your blog has been very helpful. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  4. Hi Chase,

    I was looking for that track from ‘D-Sisive – Nothing’ you use in the Mixtape tutorial.The big web doesn’t seem to let me find it.

    hope you can help me out.

    Kind regards from Amsterdam!

    Nandor Winnubst.

  5. Such a fine piece of music, isn’t it?

    Are you willing to share it with me? 🙂
    maybe we can make a trade of some sorts..
    hope so..

    Thank you very much in advance.


  6. Hi Nandor,

    I’ve searching my files and I can’t find the MP3 of it. Hope you can rip the soundcloud or ask D-sisive for a DL link. I’m sure he’ll provide it if we ask.