The Only Video or Audio Response Worksheet You’ll Ever Need

Here it is, the only audio or video response worksheet you will ever need. 
Well, maybe that’s a little presumptuous but this worksheet does have multiple applications and uses. It wouldn’t hurt to have a class set of these on standby for those days when you end up watching a video or listening to a presentation.
In the middle oval, have your students write the title of the video or presentation they will be responding to. During the broadcast, they can take notes in each of the 5 sections. 
That’s New to Me is pretty self-explanatory. I hope that there will be at least two or three things that the students can learn from presentation.
I Totally Agree is the place where students can echo the key points of the presentation that they relate to. 
If they Disagree, there is a place to write a quick note about it as well. These two boxes will probably provide the class with some great topics of discussion after the video or audio broadcast. 
Questions I Have is pretty open. We should always encourage our students to question things and explore all sort of different topics. They might have questions about the specific video or even ones that extend beyond the topics explored.
Links Back to Me is the place where students can make personal connections. The video or presentation might remind them of a past experience (Text-to-Self connection) or perhaps they may connect it to a book or film they have seen (Text-to-Text connection.) They might even relate it to something that is happening in their community or a neighbouring one (Text-to-World connections)
As you can see this worksheet can be adapted to quite a few different purposes. Feel free to download the PDF file and use it as I’ve drawn it up, or download the MS Word file and edit it to suit your purposes. 
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Download the AV Response Sheet PDF

Download the Editable MS Word Document

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