On-line Time Limited

I feel a need to get on-line everyday. Unfortunately, the summer is here and my online access is now somewhat restricted. You see, I don’t have the Internet at home. I have an old and out-dated computer that I use solely for word processing. But I make it work, I write entries at home and save them on a thumb drive. I then copy and paste these entries into my blog daily.

I used to be able to get by with just an hour on-line a day. In fact, if I did not get this time I felt a strange sensation I can only describe as blog withdrawal.

The first thing I do when I get online is sign into my blog and check to see if I get any comments. I then post up an entry, publish it, and check to see that it turned out okay. I then go to my other blog and post up a quotation from my collection. I will often find a picture to go with the quotation and post that up as well.

Only after I get my blogging out of the way, do I check my email. After I have dealt with all my email, I will then go and read my favourite blogs. I used to be able to do all of this in about an hour a day. But I am finding that I need more time to read all the blogs I enjoy now.

During the summer, I rely on the public library to get on-line. I sign in using my library card and the system gives me exactly one hour of time. Once the hour is up, the system automatically shuts down and will not let me sign in again on the same day. It’s a good system as it allows more people the chance to get on-line and stops someone from hogging a computer for hours at a time.

I went through this exact thing last summer and managed to keep up a very regular posting schedule. I am hoping to this summer as well. But if I miss a day here and there, you will know why. I just wanted you to know.