OCUP is Going Bye-Bye

OCUP is a great resource for elementary school teachers. There are full unit plans for every subject area. Some units are designed especially for split classes too.

I have used this site and it’s resources for years. So I was really surprised today when I visited the website and saw a notice that read . . .

“OCUP is going off line as of November 1, 2008. Thanks for visiting the site.”

I’m sure glad I logged on today and got some advanced notice of this.

I go to this site frequently and just copy and paste lesson plans into my day plans for the class. I print off the Blackline Masters as I need them. I do this to save paper since every unit is incredibly detailed and has a lot of great resources. Most of these documents are 150-180 pages long.

I can’t understand why this site would be shutting down. Although, it does give us a link to sign on from approved school boards. I don’t think my school is on that list. So until this site gets shut down, I am saving all the PDF unit plans on my computer so I will be able to continue using them.

If you are a teacher and don’t know of this site, check it out. If you are a fan of this site, like I am, visit it and save the PDF units before they go bye-bye.

Here is the link, enjoy!

Elementary Curriculum Unit Plans