The Occasion Called For It & You Didn’t Answer

Today we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our school opening. It should have been a big deal. I was expecting it to be. We had building towards this all year.

The students made projects about our community and they were in display in the gym yesterday for our Community Heritage Fair. Today, those projects were proudly displayed in the hallways.

We had an opening assembly this morning and then the students were split into different groups. These groups then rotated through different activities and games. It was a great morning.

We had a feast in the gym at lunch. Tables and chairs were set up so that staff, students, parents, and community members could help celebrate this milestone. It was great to see so many people out.

This was a special day and I dressed for the occasion. Although, you might not have noticed. I regularly wear a tie to school. So I ironed my shirt last night, picked out a nice tie, and went to school in my usual attire.

It seems that ties have fallen out of fashion with teachers. That is okay with me. Not everyone needs to wear a tie. What I can’t understand is how some teachers came to school today wearing jeans and a t-shirt. This was a special occasion that called for us to dress up. Yet so many of my colleagues failed to answer that call.

The principal was dressed very nicely today as she usually is, a few of the other teachers were as well, but a vast majority of them were not. I think teachers should dress for the job each and every day. This doesn’t have to mean a tie but I think jeans and t-shirts should definitely be out. Same goes for pullover sweaters or shirts with logos on them. We are supposed to be professionals. Let’s dress that way. Thank you!

3 responses to “The Occasion Called For It & You Didn’t Answer”

  1. Ever since last summer, jeans were out completely at work, but they’ve managed to creap back in. I’m frustrated by the lack of caring on this issue from everyone. They are just not proffessional.

  2. My wife is a substitute. Her favorite position to fill in for is as gym teacher – where she can wear a sweatshirt and windpants. (and she enjoys gym class). However, if it’s another class – she does dress “up”. I think the important thing about dressing for the position is that it sets an example for the kids, and sets the teacher apart from them as well. In gym – the sweatshirt fits the job. Other positions – I’m in agreement – wear something that goes along with what you are doing. And that’s probably not jeans…

  3. Hi Silverfish,

    They always seem to creep back in, don’t they? I remember the “I’m dressed this way for the United Way” campaign we had at my school at few years ago. For a $2 donation, you got a sticker to put on your shirt to explain why you had dressed down.

    It was a good cause that I didn’t mind supporting. But after the campaign was over, Friday seemed to remain dress down days. Nowadays it seems that dressing down is commonplace and I think it is sad.

    Hi Lance,

    I agree that gym teachers have a different standard of dress. Of course this still fits with my argument here – dress for the occasion.

    I occasionally have to teach my own gym class too. On those occasions, I switch into my runners, loosen my shirt, and take off my tie. If I taught gym full time, I think I’d wear more typical gym clothes most of the time as well. Nothing wrong with that.