Novels Adapted to Comics

The Talisman – Volume 1: The Road of Trials by Stephen King and Peter Straub

Is this a new trend? I know that they have turned quite a few books into movies but turning prose novels into graphic novels is new, right?

I thought I’d give this one a try as I am a huge fan of Stephen King’s memoir / writing advice book On Writing.  It’s a brilliant book and I highly recommend it, especially if you are a fiction writer.

I have read a few pieces of his fiction but I wasn’t familiar with The Talisman at all.

The graphic novel is beautifully coloured and illustrated but it’s incomplete. It didn’t feel like it stood on its own. I think the best graphic novels will urge you to read more of the series but will still give you a sense of closure with the tale you just read. This one didn’t do that for me.

Ender’s Game Series by Orson Scott Card

The first time I saw this new trend of prose novel to graphic novel was with Orson Scott Card’s brilliant Ender’s Game series.

I have read the first volume of Ender’s Shadow and it captures the feel of the original novel quite well. But in my humble opinion, the audio books are the best way to explore the Enderverse. They have full cast narration, sound effects, and music. They are absolutely incredible.

Prose Novel to Graphic Novel Trend

I love graphic novels but I’m not sold on this new trend. I think audio books or the original prose novels are the best ways to experience the stories. It’s kind of like movie adaptations that way. Very few movies are able to live up to the source material.

What do you think?

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