Nothing Lasts (not even audio players)

Why doesn’t anything seem to last these days?

Last year, our podcast host shut down operations and I had to find a new home for all of my audio files. In the process, some shows were lost.

Today, I logged on to my favourite media player for blog posts and found this message.

So, the players on the bottom of all of my posts no longer work. It’s going to take me some time to fix all of those broken links.

I don’t understand why Mixpod has ceased operations but still seems to have an app. I don’t have an iPhone, tablet computer, or anything that will let me run apps. I just have a blog. A blog with broken audio players. I better get to fixing those.

2 responses to “Nothing Lasts (not even audio players)”

  1. Hi Hilary,

    It is a pain. I've fixed some of my posts already but I have quite a few on here that will need to be changed. Grrr.

    Oh well. What can I do?