Nothing Better than a Good Street Fest

This past weekend, the main street in Downtown London was closed to traffic and the Forest City threw an amazing Street Party!

Trails Open Gainsborough 022

My campus radio station was highlighting local talent on two different stages along the two kilometers of Dundas Street.

Trails Open Gainsborough 023

There were plenty of vendors to visit and activities to do.

Trails Open Gainsborough 021

I’ve been to plenty of street parties and invariably, there are usually a few skateboarders there, but I’d never seen a make-shift skatepark as part of the celebration.

They had three quarter-pipes, a box, and a rail. They organizers gave away prizes randomly for great tricks too. There were quite a few skaters and an enthusiastic audience. It was definitely one of the highlights of Dundas Street Fest!

What an awesome weekend!

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