Not Your Usual Time Travel Romp

All Our Wrong Todays by Elan Mastai

We didn’t get the future we were supposed to have. Remember when we all thought that by the 2000s we would have flying cars and robot maids? Well, that actually did happen. It was thanks to a renewable and clean source of energy that was created in 1965. And it changed everything.

That’s the premise behind this amazing book by Elan Mastai. It was really hard to put down both physically and mentally. Long after I stopped reading a chapter, the book had me thinking about the fictional clean energy source created in the novel. Why doesn’t this exist in real life, I thought. It just makes so much sense. It doesn’t even feel like science fiction.

The idea is that we create electricity all the time by harnessing the power of spinning turbines. Niagara Falls or windmills create power for us by converting rotational energy into electricity we can use to power all sorts of devices. Now, if we could do this with something that already spins every single day, we would be very well off.

Well, in this novel, a scientist figures out how to use the rotation of the Earth to create limitless energy. It is absolutely brilliant. And when he does this in 1965, it changes everything and a future utopia, like we imaged when we were kids, is born.

Unfortunately, in 2016, another scientist creates a time machine that only works by tracing back the radiation of this power source. This means, they can go back and watch this historic moment. What could go wrong, right?

This story is a page-turner and very well-written. I thoroughly enjoyed it and think you will too.

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