No Time to Contemplate

When I go to a movie, I like sit for a moment when it is done. I watch the credits and listen to the music and just enjoy the moment. I notice that not a lot of people do this. I often wonder why. Where are these people rushing off to so quickly?

I often see people leaving the theatre before the film is even over. And I’m not referring to people leaving because they don’t enjoy it. I mean people who leave when they think the film is coming to a conclusion. They think that it is the final scene so they leave. I have seen people do this and laugh when the movie plays for another ten minutes or so. They left without getting the ending. They’ve missed the point.

I can’t understand why people do this. What’s the rush? It’s not like we’re at a huge sporting event and will have to face traffic and spend hours getting home. Most theatres have good parking and access so that you can leave quickly without hassle.

I think people have lost most of their patience. We are always rushing on to the next thing. People jump in their cars and have DVDs playing for them as they go home. We are always being entertained and we don’t stop to contemplate things.

I know that it frustrates me when I go to a film and want to discuss it afterwards and my company just wants to go get a drink. It’s just a movie, they say. They get impatient if I want to watch the credits roll. Whatever happened to slowing down and enjoying the moment? Whatever happened to discussing a work of art? What happened to contemplation?

There are some films have I have seen that just cry to be debated about afterwards. And there are tonnes of people who regularly do this. I just don’t seem to know any of them. And I am not the type of person to go to the message boards to have the discussion. So I’m left in the dark, or the light, because after a movie the lights come on and I’m alone in the theatre. Alone with my thoughts. But I want to share them.

What to do, what to do?