No one Can Live Without Art

ART - MONEYI have never had much in the way of money. I have more or less scraped by my entire life. However, I have never gone without. And for that I am thankful.

I know what I need most of all in life though. That is story. I need great novels, film, and television. I need to be able to tell stories in my own writing, in my radio show, and in my real life.

As such, art is greater than money. And it always will be!

“Money may be a big deal, but not as big a deal as art. You can go quite some time without spending any money, but you can’t go even a few minutes without needing to hear or tell a story. (Whatever your medium, all art tells a story.) And while some people can live totally off the grid and barter rather than ever buying a thing, no one can live without art. No one. When you are working on your art, you are managing a much more powerful force than mere money. Art is infinitely more vital than money.”

Sam Bennet goes even further into this thought in her book, Get It Done. She writes . . . 

“My performance studies professor at Northwestern, the late ethnographer Dwight Conquergood, used to say hat we should be called Homo narratus” 

We as a species need story. Our memories, our dreams, and even our daily lives get formed into story all the time. We tell stories every single day whether we are consciously creating art or not.

I don’t much like scientific terms but Homo narratus seems fitting, doesn’t it?

Do you agree, Is Art > Money? 

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