Nine Holding it Down on WIB Rap Radio

Nine on Word is Bond

Nine has been holding it down for 23 years. His distinct voice has captured our attention since we first heard him on “Whutcha Want” back in 1995.

We start out this edition of Word is Bond Rap Radio with a half hour mixset of his music. and then get in-depth with an exclusive interview.

Recorded live on 94.9 Radio Western, you can hear it anytime you want via the power of podcasting.

Nine – Any Emcee
Nine ft Sadat X – Rah Rah N*gga
Nine – Who Not Knowin’
Nine – Whutcha Want
Nine – We Play for Keeps
Nine – Blood on my Blade
Nine ft Chip-Fu – Rite Here
Nine – Jon Doe
Snowgoons ft OC, DoItAll, UG, Onyx, Dres, Nine, Ras Kass & Psycho Les – The 90s are Back
Nine ft Kool G Rap & Smooth Da Hustla – Breathe
Nine – Tremendous
Nine ft Chris Rivers – Champion
Jux Cain ft Chris Jackson – Golden Eye
Primal Winds – Cut You Down
Made Wade – Still Tryin’
TJ Edwards – The Devils Side
More or Les ft Wordburglar, Touch, & Timbuktu– Picard Manouver
Lee Reed – Too Ambitious
Shift from tha 902 ft Tone Jonez – Me vs You
Meet the Greens ft Jamar Equality – Diesel Degree
Ghostface Killah – Watch ‘Em Holla
PreRock & Fresh Kils ft Zilla Rocca – Bad Sign
Incise ft Tunji of Inverse – True Greatness
Psybo – Mr. Emcee
Snak the Ripper – Over

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