Nifty November

November is nifty. The autumn leaves are lovely and we have great posts from last year that we can look back on. Won’t you join me for another edition of Chasing Content?

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My Tom Green Autograph

Many years ago, before Tom Green became famous in Hollywood, he was in a small Canadian rap group that I really enjoyed. I wrote him a fan letter and he wrote me back. I still have the full letter he sent me. So cool! [See the letter]

Make Students Feel Important

Our students can “be part of helping the world through participating in things like clothing, toy, and food drives; volunteering at places like a nursing home or an animal shelter; and even raising money for a cause [they] is passionate about through a lemonade or cookie stand. With each year, we can continue to find creative ways to open up their understanding of the world around them and set the stage for their role in it.” [Read the entire post]

The Show of Dart

Dart Adams is one of the premier hip-hop journalists of our time. He has written thousands of great articles for a variety of online publications and he can now add best-selling author to his list of accolades. I had the pleasure of interviewing him on my radio show. [Listen to the show]

Teachers, Lead by Example

I read this amazing book from the creator of Blue Clue’s last year and it inspired several Teaching Tip Tuesday posts. This was prior to the reboot series, Blue’s Clues & You, being launched on television. [More Inspiration from Blue’s Clues]

Thanks for Chasing Content with me!

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