New Teacher Guide

I wanted to put together a New Teacher Guide to help all of those teachers who are busily preparing for their first teaching assignment.

I remember all the effort I put into organizing my classroom, collecting resources, and writing my year plan and lesson plans for that first week of school.

I know that it can feel overwhelming starting that first teaching job so I decided to collect a few resources here that will help you out.

I have had several teachers email me over the years and I have been glad to help them out in any way that I could.

I know long range plans are often the hardest thing to write from scratch. That is why I don’t recommend doing so. Borrow a plan from someone and modify to fit your needs. That is what I did. I already wrote a post about it but now I have decided to actually share my split grade plan with you. This is my year plan with a term by term and week by week look at the entire year. I hope you find it useful.

I used the Ontario Curriculum Codes in this plan. I printed these documents out and included them in my day book.

You can get these codes here.<

I have also organized all of my Teaching Tip Tuesdays posts by title on a side bar. This way, you can scan for a topic that interests you without having to search through all of the posts by label.

I have written about writing year plans, day plans, and supply teacher plans.

I highly recommend giving each of your students a student number based on their position in the classroom roll. This is one of the best tips I ever received from a fellow teacher in my first assignment. I have used it successfully every year since.

I know this is just a start but my Teaching Tip Tuesdays series will be starting back up soon and I will continue to share with you some great ideas that you can use in your classroom. I hope you find this series useful.

And remember that you can always click on my profile page and send me an email. I would be glad to share some resources and help you out in any way that I can. Teachers helping teachers is what it is all about.