A New Sampler Please!

Dear Santa,

I have had my eye on this device for a few years now.

It is a Roland MV 8000 Professional Studio. I’ve been drooling over this piece of tech ever since I saw an advertisement for it in Scratch magazine.

I loved making beats when I was younger. I haven’t really done it in years. Back in the day I used an AKAI sampling keyboard and programmed my sequences using Cubase on an Atari computer.

From my research, the Roland sampler seems to have everything that the more popular AKAI MPC series comes with.

I’m not sure which is the best sampler to get but I know that I want one. I would also really like Scratch magazine to be revived. It was an amazing read each and every month that focused on the creation of the music. I have yet to see a magazine that covered music production as well as this one. It was hip-hop through an through and I was very sad to see the magazine go under.

So my proverbial wish for today is to get a good high-grade sampler and to get XXL to start publishing Scratch magazine again. (Anybody listening?)