New Release from the Vaults

Life's Music

Back in 2005, I produced, wrote, and recorded an E.P. entitled Life’s Music. I never did anything with it and it has sat in my vaults for over ten years. I think it is finally time to unleash it. No one has heard this, until now. I hope you enjoy it.

It starts out with a heartbeat. This mixes with the sound of a thunderstorm, some street noises, and me writing using a pencil and paper. All of these sounds make up the music of daily life. This leads right in to the title track. The E.P. finishes much the way it began. Music is all around us, and that was the concept of the project.

The original demo was a little bit longer than this digital release. I cut out one of the songs and an interlude from the project that didn’t quite stand the test of time, or my standards.

Back when I made this E.P., my rap name was Uncon Valjean. I haven’t used that moniker in years and didn’t feel right to credit it that way now.

I created all of the beats using an Akai X-7000 sampling keyboard and sequenced them on Atari computer using Cubase.

Presenting . . . Life’s Music by Chase March.

This E.P. is available as a pay-what-you-can release. You can download it for free, stream it for free, or throw me a few bucks. It’s up to you.

I hope you enjoy the music!