New Reason to Love Curling

I found a good reason to watch curling.

Her name is Geri-Lynn Ramsey

and she plays for team PEI.

I’ve seen curling before but I don’t ever remember seeing players this young and beautiful.

I felt a little guilty rooting for another province over my own but I cheered PEI on all weekend long. They played a great game on Saturday and made it to the championship final on Sunday.

They had to play an extra round to break the tie and unfortunately, these lovely young ladies lost to the defending champs of Team Canada.

But I have found a favourite new athlete. (Geri-Lynn Ramsey, on the left)

The Scott Tournament of Hearts will be held in their hometown next year. It would have been nice for them to win this weekend and to come home as champions but my fingers are crossed that they will win it at home next year.

2 responses to “New Reason to Love Curling”

  1. Hi Chase .. curling entered the nation's psyche here when we won Gold at the Olympics – made up of a team of Scots ladies – mind you us English will take any win as a win for us!! It was the Olympics and so we were there as GB.

    Glad your heart's out there … and hope they do win in their home venue next year .. – are any of them playing in the Winter Olympics next week?

    Have a good week – Hilary

  2. Hi Hilary,

    Unfortunately these ladies will not be at the Olympics.

    I learned a lot about this sport though this past weekend and it was pretty exciting. I was surprised that I was actually more excited to watch this game than I was the Superbowl.