New Posting Schedule

I’ve started a new posting schedule here on Silent Cacophony.

I will post entries on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday every week.

That’s not to say that I won’t post additional entries either, but that will be my regular schedule for the time-being.

You can still look forward to these regular features . . .

Teaching Tip Tuesday – I really love this weekly feature. It gives me a chance to share lessons, tips, tricks, and resources that I have found useful in my classroom. It’s also one of my most popular features on this blog.

Chasing Content – On or around the first day of the month, I round-up the best posts from the same month of the previous year. This serves as a “Best-of” post and makes sure that great content doesn’t get buried amongst all of the new material.

Hip-Hop History – Once a month I produce a documentary radio program entitled “Know Your History.” I have fallen a little behind on transcribing these shows for the blog but promise to get caught up soon and to continue posting the new episodes weekly. You can always find them on time over at The Word is Bond.

Photographic Tours – Whenever I come across a new running trail, I bring my camera along and snap a few pictures. I then write a small narrative about my running route. I love sharing theses trails with you. Hopefully, it’s inspired you to try one of these routes as well.

Virtual Skatepark Tours – I love skateboarding and share pictures and stories of great skateparks across Ontario. Whenever I discover a new one, I share it here.

Thank you for being a loyal reader. I really appreciate it!