New Posting Schedule

I’ve been blogging since 2007. Back then, Bloggers regularly read and commented on each other’s sites. There was a strong community of like-minded individuals who just wanted to share and connect.

The golden age of blogging has come to an end. Only one of my blogging buddies from that era is still active. I still read blogs every week, but it’s not quite like it was over a decade ago.

I don’t even blog the way I used to. I share content every day on Instagram and Twitter, but it’s not the same. There’s something about a well-thought out and put together blog that I adore.

I’ve done my best to keep Silent Cacophony current over the years. And I plan to continue to do so. Here is what you can expect moving forward.


MONDAYMastermind Mondays

Every Monday, I share a cassette recording of one of the best hip-hop shows ever to bless the airwaves. I have over 100 shows of The Mastermind Street Jam taped and have been digitizing a new one every week.

TUESDAYWord is Bond Rap Radio

My show airs Thursday nights on 94.9 fm Radio Western. I share the podcast of my show here every Tuesday. If you don’t want to wait that long, subscribe to my Patreon page and you will get the show early as well as an exclusive download link.

THURSDAYTeaching Tips

This used to be a weekly feature every Tuesday. When I have a new teaching-related post, tip, trick, or lesson, I will be posting them on Thursdays now. It will be a sporadic series for the foreseeable future though. It’s strange not being in the classroom every day, but I wouldn’t trade being a stay-at-home parent in for the world.

WHENEVER – Various Topics

I will continue to blog about books I read, trails I visit, event listings, and more. I won’t have a regular rotation of when I do so, however.


I appreciate every view, social media share and interaction I get. Thank you!