The New Cities Interview Part 2

This is Part 2 of the interview I did with the electro-pop-rock band The New Cities.

Read The New Cities Interview Part 1 and don’t forget to download the entire interview on the podcast. We had a lot of fun on the radio and you can hear it all for free.

Without further ado, here is Part 2 of the interview. enjoy!

Chase: “Alright, we’re back. I’m sitting with The New Cities, two members, the other guys are doing their sound check right now.“

Julian: “Unloading the stuff for us. It’s awesome.”

Chase: “I want to talk a little bit about image because a lot of bands are focused on their image and I’m wondering what kind of image are you portraying?”

Julian: “The image is an important thing for sure. But we try to focus on every element, like image and the music and everything. We try to make a focused package basically. So, yeah, it’s an important thing for sure.”

Nick: “I think people want to see a whole package, like you said. They want good music, they want to like everything that’s projected by the band. And that’s why it’s always been a priority too. Like people like what they see, they like what they hear, and also, the thing is, that it was always important for us to be comfortable with that image as well. So it’s kind of like trying to find the right spot in between what you want to project and how comfortable you are.”

Chase: “Nice, and the other thing, your music is pretty accessible. Trying to pin it down to a genre was kind of hard. When I first put in your CD, I liked it right away. It was one of those things, you don’t even have to get used to it. You can just feel the vibe and get down with it. So, outlets for your music, like where do you find you are being played? Are you being played on rock stations, or pop stations, or is it pretty much wide open?”

Nick: “It’s pretty much, like so far, it’s been a lot of pop stations. But there’s a few rock stations as well ‘cause we also rock. But I think it’s a problem with radio, that it’s pretty rare that you’re gonna get into both types of stations. Like, ‘cause I don’t know what the dynamic is between the two types of radio stations. But so far, it’s been a lot of pop radio.”

Chase: “Nice! And listening to your album, I can sort of hear different groups it kind of reminds me of at different times. It just kind of comes in and out. Like, ‘Oh, that kind of sounds like Goldfinger, that kind of sounds like Treble Charger, that kind of sounds like Garbage because of the way you have the electronic sounds and you’ve got a wall of sound.’ So where do you draw influence from? What do you guys listen to?”

Julian: “I listen to Justice, Daft Punk, we’ve been fans of Death From Above 1979 when it came out, The Killers, The Faith, and also the more pop-punk type of music like New Found Glory, Blink 182, all that stuff.”

Chase: “Nice. I’m impressed with what I’ve heard from you guys. I’m really looking forward to the show tonight ‘cause I hear you have a really energetic show as well.”

Julian: “Cool. Thanks a lot.”

Chase: “So what do you like to do with your shows? Do you have any specific routines or any things you like to do?”

Julian: “The main idea of The New Cities live is to throw a big party in the audience. We want to connect with the audience and make sure that everyone is having fun and dancing. So that would be the main goal.”

Chase: “Yeah, that makes sense ‘cause even your music is very danceable. It’s got a beat to it. And you just want people to party and have a good time, right?”

Julian: “Totally.”

Nick: “A lot of energy. That’s the main goal.”

Julian: “And to do the robot dance too. We’re going to try it out tonight, maybe. I don’t know. Never done that before.”

Chase: “Nice. Are you headlining this tour your on right now?”

Julian: “Actually Ten Second Epic is headlining. We’ve been headlining the Quebec dates but right now it’s Ten Second Epic, the main act, and we’re opening for them.”

Chase: “Alright, that’s nice because I went by and saw Ten Second Epic on the sign and I was like, ‘That must be wrong, ‘cause these guys are big enough to headline it themselves. It seems like you’ve been making enough noise.’ But that’s cool, cause Ten Second Epic is pretty good too.”

Julian: “Yeah, they’re awesome.”

Nick: “It’s been a good match with all three bands that are doing the tour; us, Ten Second Epic, and The Februarys. It’s been a really cool tour. We’ve had a lot of fun, and we still have one week left. It’s weird to say that we’ve been on tour for five weeks and it’s gonna be weird when we come back home.”

Chase: “Definitely. Well, I think we should drop another track. What track do you think we should play? Should we play something off the new album or your EP.”

The New Cities: “New album,”

Chase: “New album, let’s get something off the new album then.”

Nick: “We could play what’s probably going to be the next single. It’s called Leader’s of the Mislead.”

Chase: “That’s gonna be the next single?”

Nick: “Yup.”

Chase: “Okay, so we’re going to drop Leaders of the Mislead by The New Cities, then we’ll be back to wrap up the interview. This is Chase March. Check us out on and the blogspot, we’ll have the transcript on there as well. So hope you’re listening and enjoying this. This is the New Cities.”

Chase: “Alright that was Leaders of the Mislead by The New Cities and we’re just on-location at the sound check right now speaking to two members of the band from the New Cities. How’s it going guys?”

Julian: “Super good!”

Chase: “So we’ve talked about your influences, we’ve talked about your shows, we’ve talked about a lot of different things about your music. So, how do you feel about covers?”

Julian: “That’s funny because when we were in Vancouver we were asked by a radio station, a main radio station there to do a cover song, and the night before. We didn’t have a cover song at all so we had to find a song and rehearse it and make sure it would sound good. So we did Love Song by The Cure.”

Chase: “Ah, nice!”

Julian: “So, it turned out alright.”

Nick: “It turned out pretty good actually. I think with covers, it all depends on what you do with it. Like, some people just live off of covers, which is a different crowd. We like to do original music and that’s different and that’s out choice. But we won’t say no to potential covers eventually. We just want to have the time to really work on it. Not just play a cover the way it is on their CD. We want to have out own version.”

Julian: “That’s what I was going to say. Yes!”

Chase: “Awesome. What kind of gear are you using to get you electronic sounds.”

Nick: “Lots of synths, yeah lots of synths. Basically, we have a sequencer as well, samples, a bunch of stuff that we all control it ourselves. Like the fact that we have two keyboard players in our band allows us to do a lot more stuff ‘cause like instead of two hands we have four. So, it’s pretty good.”

Chase: “Alright, well I really appreciate you sitting down with me and doing this interview. I’m looking forward to the show tonight. So thanks a lot for this opportunity.”

Nick: “Thanks to you.”

Julian: “Thank you.”

Chase: “Alright, this is Chase March. We’re signing off with The New Cities. I think we’ll drop one more track. This is Looks Over Substance by The New Cities. Looking forward to the show. Alright, thanks.”