Naftel’s Creek Conservation Area Trail Run

Naftel’s Creek Conservation Area is located at 79154 Bluewater Hwy, in Goderich ON. Canada. It looked like a nice place to go for a trail run.

As usual, I stopped along the route to take a few pictures to share with you.

Unfortunately, every time I stopped to take a picture, bugs started landing on me. So I snapped the photos very quickly and took off running again. Sorry that a few are blurry today.

This wasn’t a steep slope for trail runners. But this is a popular place for cross country skiing so I’m sure the sign is appreciated in the winter.

There were a few boardwalks as well.

The trails were very well marked and easy to follow. The main trail is yellow and I took it to the blue trail, ended up on the purple trail and then the orange trail. I found myself back at the parking lot and had to take an extra pass on the blue trail to get my 5 kilometers in.

I just got a running watch and love it. It is a Garmin Forerunner 245 and it shows me real-time stats. This is the summary screen I get at the end. It shows that I ran 5.30 km with a time of 31:48 and a pace of 6:00 per kilometer. That’s a little slower than I would usually run but that’s because it was a new trail, I stopped to take photos, and I had to figure out which trail to take a few times.

Overall, this was a great place to run. The trail is a bit short, but you can do like I did and run a section of it more than once.

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