Myth Revisited

Last April I wrote a blog entry entitled Global Warming Myth. I just reread it and it is amazing how it still resonates.

Last April, we were getting record low temperatures and snow. Up until last week, I thought it was now spring. Except, we seem to be getting a repeat of last year’s weather. The west coast of Canada was hit with a huge snowstorm last week and just this past weekend, Northern Ontario was hit with one as well.

It is amazing to think that we are basically in the same place we were last year at this time. It seemed like it should be summer near the end of April but in Canada we are getting one last surprise visit from a winter that doesn’t want to go away.

This isn’t novel. This isn’t a new condition. In fact, about twenty years ago, the winter roads in Northern Ontario used to be open into May. Nowadays the roads are usually gone and melted by Easter.

It seems to have gotten warmer in the past fifteen years or so. And people have focused on that. They invented the term Global Warming to explain it. But it doesn’t really explain anything. We go through some weird and unpredictable weather. This has always been the case.

I know that we need to look after our planet and should take pains to do so. But I still believe that Global Warming is a myth. But like I said last year, if it scares people into looking closely at the interaction that we have with this planet, then it is a good thing. We need to drastically change things now. I agree with that. If this myth helps to that end, then I say “Great!” That is what myths are for after all.

3 responses to “Myth Revisited”

  1. I’m no radical but I am a believer in Global Warming. My understanding is that it is having effects far more complex than mere warming. Some places will actually be COLDER as a result, due to disruption of the Gulf Stream.

  2. I think the temperature and weather patterns are basically cycles. The Earth goes through these cycles over and over again. We don’t know how long these cycles are or what is natural because we haven’t recorded a lot of data on them. We haven’t recorded them fo a long enough time to show any conclusive results.

    I also believe that the earth can correct itself. The article touched on this and said that we have been changing the climate since we first discovered farming. Global warming, if you believe it, or want to call it that, has been happening then for 5000 years. And the earth has natural checks and balances in place.

    That’s why Global Warming is a myth, in the true sense of the world. And that’s why I am not mad at the term. I just don’t believe this story as it has been spun.