My Year in Review

At the very start of this year, I decided to set a few goals for myself. Now that it is the final day of the year, it’s time to look back and see how I have done.

GOAL 1 – Release Know Your History Episodes on Time
I released the episodes to the radio and podcast on time. I just didn’t get them transcribed for the blog on time. 
GOAL 2 – Do an Artist Interview Every Month
On average, I did this one. Yay!

I didn’t transcribe them all though. I just don’t have the time to do that anymore. Sorry!

GOAL 3 – Polish my YA Novel and Get it Published
I didn’t even look at my manuscript this year. Not even once. I can blame the job search I had to do in the spring, the summer job I had to do to make ends meet, family obligations, the radio show, and podcast, and a variety of other things. 
This is a goal I am going to have to carry over to 2013. Better late than never, right?
GOAL 4 – Write a Novel

Being the instrumental music teacher at two different schools has been a lot of work this year. So much so that there was no way I could have done National Novel Writing Month and still kept my sanity.
GOAL 5 – Write a Screenplay
The teacher job market really starts to heat up in April so I had to make a tough decision and write job applications all month instead of a screenplay. I had hoped to write one at some point in the year but I didn’t get around to it either. 
GOAL 6 – Monthly Mixtapes
Did this one and more. Yay!
GOAL 7 – Keep Fit
I went on a trail run last week. That’s the latest I have ever run in the calendar year. I skateboarded a lot this year too. And I am proud to say that I haven’t gained a pound since high school. Fit as a fiddle!
GOAL 8 – Write an E-book
I’ve wanted to write a teaching-related ebook for some time now. I still want to do this. I just need to find the time.

GOAL 9 – Read a Lot

I read 65 books this year. I can safely say that I did this one. I was hoping to read one book on average per week. I totally surpassed that goal. Yay!


It looks like I failed on a lot of my goals.

When I originally started this blog, I had a 5-year Mission to become a published author by 2012. Now we sit here on the last possible day of that happening and I know it won’t. It’s a little sad. It’s my fault though. I didn’t put in the work.

I also didn’t review my original list throughout the year. I let it get buried in the archives and didn’t think much of it until now as I decided to wrap up the year’s worth of blog entries.

Tomorrow, I will launch my set of goals for 2013. This time, I will be sure to print out the blog post and stick it on my fridge. I’ll work harder to reach all my goals and possibly finish a few of the above ones as well.

Happy New Year!