My Wedding Mixtape

I am getting married tomorrow. I am so happy, excited, and anxious.

I just had to make a mixtape to celebrate this special day and share it with all of my loved ones.

I printed off CDs for all of the guests at the wedding, but also wanted to provide a digital download for anyone who wants it.

I hope you enjoy the mixtape.

Wedding Mixtape (Front)

The first song on the mix will be the first song I get to dance to with my wife (that sounds amazing just to say).

That is followed up by the father-daughter dance on track 2, and then with a slow dance for everyone at the reception to take part in. And then the party starts!

I wanted to DJ the wedding myself, but Diana was not keen on it. So, I hired a good DJ who will be running the show. He probably won’t play these exact songs, but I hope the feeling of the night is as good as this mix.

Wedding Mixtape (Back)

Download The Wedding Mixtape for free!

Enjoy the music, the next time you see me, I will be a married man!