My Top 5 T.V. Shows (Reshuffled)

1. Everwood
2. My So-Called Life
3. Star Trek
4. M.A.S.H.
5. Jericho

Everwood has reclaimed the number one spot.

It had to.

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you will have heard me sing the praises of this excellent show countless times. If not, you can go back and check out these previous posts.

Suffice it to say, Everwood has reclaimed the number one spot because of a few reasons

#1 – Rewatchability – I have watched this entire series three times now. Once during the original run on television and twice on DVD. And I know that I will be able to watch it a fourth time as well. It is that good.

#2 – Acting – How can you not love Treat Williams as Andy Brown? The ensemble cast is equally amazing as well.

#3– Writing – I really like how the series finale wrapped up elements that were first introduced in the pilot. The finale was near perfect television.

I also decided to move up My So-Called Life to the number 2 spot for pretty much the same three reasons. In the process Jericho has been knocked down to number 5. I just found that I’m not as excited about rewatching Jericho as I am for the four other shows. Of course, this doesn’t really take away any of the praise I have for it. I still love the show. Perhaps rewatchability should not be the deciding factor.

What do you think?

3 responses to “My Top 5 T.V. Shows (Reshuffled)”

  1. Hmmm… that's tricky.

    I don't think rewatchability is a factor. I mean, just because you don't necessarily want to re-watch it, doesn't give it any less value. If a show is clever, then it's clever. With Jericho (which BTW, I LOVE) it's a little harder to re-watch as it doesn't hold the same suspense because I know the ending. Part of the allure of shows like that is the suspense. Take 24 for example. It's my #1, but I wouldn't be able to re-watch it for years until I'd forgotten all of the big details. Shows like M*A*S*H* are different because no matter what, the comedy and message in each episode keep you going. Star Trek has staying power because it was so ahead of its time, and you can't help but falling in love with the characters each and every time you watch it.

    I suppose what I'm saying is that each show that you've listed has its own charm and was a great show for several factors. While rewatchability is one of those factors, it doesn't exclusively determine its merit.

    For the record, my top 5 are:

    1) 24
    2) Star Trek
    3) Prison Break*
    4) Heroes
    5) Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

    The reason there is an asterisk next to Prison Break is because an explanation is required. The premise of the show was unbelievable. The first couple of seasons were full of suspense and the story was fantastic. Even though some think it went a bit wonky through the later seasons, the fact that the writers extended something that was only supposed to be one season into 5, and did it well, was worth some props.

    Oh, and I'm still in shock that Sarah Connor was canceled. That show was brilliant.

    Chase, I'd be interested to see your list of top 5 comedies. I noticed that none made it into our lists (well, except maybe M*A*S*H*, but that's got some dramatic factor as well).

    – Elle

  2. Hi Elle,

    I might need to reshuffle my list again, you made a compelling argument there.

    I think Jericho probably needs to be moved up. It was a brilliant show that kept me on the edge of my seat each and every week. I also remember that I rewatched the episodes on Space when they aired encore presentations during the original run of the show. Thus, it already had the rewatchability factor.

    Oh, and I'm bummed that Sarah Connor Chronicles was cancelled too. I was really looked forward to a third season.

    I also like Heroes and think I'd probably include it in my Top 10 list. Perhaps I will have to think about that for a future blog post.

    Thanks for the great comment.