My Top 5 All-time Favourite TV Shows

1) Jericho
2) Everwood
3) My So-Called Life
4) Star Trek
5) M.A.S.H.

I would like to take some time to explain why each of these shows is on my list and how I managed to put them in this order. I think that might take more than one entry so I plan to write a specific post about each show over the next few weeks.

This list has changed over time. For the longest time, Star Trek held the number one spot. It wasn’t until My So-Called Life came out that it slipped to second place. My So-Called Life was so fresh and original. I didn’t think that it would lose its number one position. But once again, I was pleasantly surprised at what TV can produce.

Everwood is a show that I enjoy immensely. It is well written and acted and it’s hard not to fall in love with this small town. The show lasted for four seasons and the finale was absolutely amazing. It was picture-perfect storytelling that wrapped up the entire series in a way that closed every story for the viewer. After watching that episode, Everwood bumped every show down a notch on the list.

Anyone who has read my blog will know how Jericho managed to make its way up to number one. By the way, all of these shows are on DVD now. Jericho just came out with a complete series box set. It has lots of bonus features and is definitely worth picking up. I own it.

Lastly, M.A.S.H. is a classic in all aspects. It is a comedy that deals with serious issues. It is a drama that is funny. It defies classification. And it stands the test of time. You can watch this show today and not feel like you are watching something that is outdated or irrelevant.

So that’s my list with a bit of commentary on it. I hope to expand on this in the coming weeks.

So, what shows are in your top 5 of all time? Please drop a comment and let me know.