My Teaching Mission Statement

“To help every student develop to his or her full potential. To develop intellectual potential and provide opportunities for social, ethical, emotional, physical, and aesthetic development of every child in my class, and by extension, the entire student body whenever the opportunity presents itself.”

This is my teaching mission statement. I think it is important to have a teaching philosophy that you can actually express. This statement shows how intricate the art of teaching really is. It says nothing about every area of study and the expectations students are to master by the end of the year in each grade. But it doesn’t have to. It says a lot and is straight to the point.

I think it shows the importance of my job and how seriously I take it.

I have expectations for my students too. These are simple and easy to follow;

“In this class, we…

Respect – each other, property, rules


Do Our Work!

Do Our Best!”

That really does cover everything and it will help my class to run smoothly. I still have lots to do to be ready for day 1 of classes on Monday, but I am well on my way now.

4 responses to “My Teaching Mission Statement”

  1. Hi Chase.

    Sounds like you are a terrific teacher. You actually care about what your students are getting from your teaching, rather than just about your own skills as a teacher.

  2. Hi Chase,

    I think ALL teachers should have the same mission statement as you. If they did, we would have a wonderful school system with students that learn and grow to become responsibly young adults.