My Screwdriver is Sonic!

I’ve wanted my own sonic screwdriver for some time now.

When I saw this kit in the comic book store, it really called out to me.

I could get three sonic screwdrivers for the price of one?

And I can mix and match them to get a completely customizable unit with a functioning light and sound effect?


As you can see, the kit comes with one light and sound unit (on the left side) and this fits into the handle of the screwdriver you choose. There are three emitters (screwdriver heads) , three control sections, three hand grips, and three pommels (bottom piece.) As such, there are 80 possible ways to build your very own sonic screwdriver.

I must admit that I really like this old school one.

I love how both the emitter and the control section light up. I also really like that there is a display so you can zap something and then hold it up to analyze what you have just scanned. It makes me feel like the tenth doctor. I keep walking around, pressing the button, hearing that familiar screech, and then holding up the unit and saying, “What?”

I know that this particular sonic screwdriver really looks nothing like Ten’s, but just humor me, okay? I’m having fun! It was thirty dollars well spent, in my humble opinion.