My Proverbial Wish List

You know what’s funny?

Up until yesterday, I didn’t really think about Christmas gifts for myself. I was convinced that I didn’t need anything. Perhaps that is true in a sense.

I’ve had a lot of great Christmases and I don’t need to just accumulate stuff. I have pretty much everything that I need in life, as far as material things go.

So, I did a stupid thing on Saturday.

I had already completed all of my Christmas shopping. But here it was the first day of Christmas vacation and I was bored. So I went shopping for no reason.

I really shouldn’t have gone because I saw all these cool things that I really wanted to buy.

Of course, all I bought was a spool of blank CDs and an SD card for my MP3 player (the two things that I had actually went out for. And they were on sale too. Nice!)

I was proud of myself for not submitting to temptation and buying all sorts of things for myself.

So for the next few days, I will be posting my proverbial wish list. Any generous readers out there could send me any of these things as a belated gift (since I know it’s getting too late to get things shipped now.) But like I said earlier, I really don’t need anything. I probably shouldn’t even have typed that.

Maybe these items will inspire people who haven’t finished their Christmas shopping yet.

Happy Holidays Everyone!