My List of 2016 Reads

My 2016 ReadsI like to keep a detailed reading log. It’s always nice to look back at what I have read over the course of the year.

If this year, follows the pattern I have established in the past four, I will read close to 60 titles this year that will include graphic novels, teaching-related books, books on writing, books about hip-hop culture, various non-fiction works, and, of course, novels.

This is how I did since starting this tradition four years ago.

In 2012, I read 65 books.
In 2013, I read 61 books.
In 2014, I read 78 books.
And last year, I read 60 books.

This post will be continually updated throughout the year with each new title I read. So, bookmark this page and come back often to get some titles you can add to your own reading list.

Happy Reading!


Batman: Wayne of Gotham
Doctor Who: The Wheel of Ice
Life on the Refrigerator Door
Manuscript Found in Accra
The Little Women Letters
Planet of the Apes


Alex + Ada – 3 titles (Vol 1 – 3)
The Amazing Spider-Man – 6 titles (The Parker LuckSpider-Verse, Edge of Spider-Verse, Spider-Gwen, Graveyard Shift, Spiral)
Ant-man – 1 title (Second Chance Man)
Batman: The Dark Knight – 1 title (Night Terrors)
Darth Vader – 5 titles (Vader, Shadows and Secrets, Ninth Assasin, Lost Command, Cry of Shadows)
Fantastic Four – 4 titles (The Fall of the Fantastic Four, Original Sin, Back in Blue, The End is Fourever)
Hawkeye – 6 titles (My Life as a Weapon, Little Hits, LA Woman, Rio Bravo, All New Hawkeye, Hawkeyes)
March – 2 titles (Book 1, Book 2)
Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man – 3 titles (Revival, Revelations, Spider-Men)
Mister Wonderful – 1 title (Mister Wonderful)
Ms. Marvel – 3 titles (No Normal, Generation Why, Crushed)
The New Avengers – 1 title (Fear Itself)
Powerless – 1 title (Powerless)
Scott Pilgrim – 1 title (Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life)
Star Trek – 1 title (The New Adventures: Volume 2)
Star Wars – 2 titles (Princess Leia, Skywalker Strikes)
Superior Spider-Man – 2 titles (Superior Venom, Goblin Nation)
Thor – 2 titles (Goddess of Thunder, Who Holds the Hammer?)
Wolverine – 6 titles (Three Months to Die Pt 1 and Pt 2, Death of Wolverine, Old Man Logan, Season One)


The Inner Game of Work


Jeff Herman’s Guide to Book Pulishers, Editors, & Literary Agents
How To Write and Sell Simple Information
The Kick-Ass Writer: 1001 Ways to Write Great Fiction, Get Published, and Earn Your Audience


Classic Material: The Hip-Hop Album Guide
Ten Ways to Not Commit Suicide
Playing With Something That Runs

True Enough: Learning to Live in a Post-Fact Society


Life Lessons from a Total Failure

Total Books Read in 2016: 65