My List of 2012 Reads

I read a lot, but I have never really kept track of it in any sort of reading log. Also, since I don’t buy books very often, I don’t have a bookcase to display what I have read. As such, I’ve decided to keep track of everything I read over the course of this year right here on this blog.

I’ve written several posts about what I’ve read  but thought it would be nice to have my 2012 Reads list all in one place. I will continue to update this post with my new additions as well.

Here goes,


Blockaid Billy
Ender in Exile
Magic Street
Multiple Choice
The Abstinence Teacher
The Book Thief
The Help
The Hunger Games
The Time Keeper
School of Essential Ingredients
What Happened to Goodbye
Winter Town


Batman – 2 title (Batman vs Robin, A Death in the Family)
Daredevil – 1 title (Born Again)
Doctor Who – 2 titles (Fugitive, The Ripper)
Ender’s Game – 1 title (Formic Wars)
Fables – 1 title (Rose Red)
Fantastic Four – 1 title (Fantastic Four)
Foiled – 1 title (Foiled)
Jack of Fables – 2 titles (Vol. 1 The Great EscapeVol. 2 Jack of Hearts)
Kill Shakespeare – 1 title (Vol. 2: The Blast of War)
Marvel 1985 – 1 title (1985)
Midnight Nationcomplete series
Green Lantern – 11 titles (Green Lantern War, Sinestro War, Blackest Night Saga, Blackest Night Corps, The Weaponer, Emerald Warriors, Revolt of the Alpha-Lanterns)
Refresh Refresh – 1 title (Refresh Refresh)
Right State– 1 title (Right State)
Star Trek – 3 titles (Assignment Earth, Year 4, The Ashes of Eden)
Superman – 1 title (Red Son)
Transformers – 2 titles (For All Mankind, Classic UK Vol. 2)


Grand Master Flash
Maestro (Wes Williams)


The Hip-Hop Wars


I Suck at Girls
The Band Plays On
What I Talk About When I Talk About Running


The Tipping Point
Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us


Enhancing the Professional Practice of Music Teachers: 101 Tips
The Book Whisperer
The Complete Idiots Guide to Conducting Music
The Write Start: Nurturing Writing at Every Stage


A Year of Writing Dangerously: 365 Days of Inspiration and Encouragement

Total Books Read in 2012: 65

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