My Lengthy Recap

I met my soul mate shortly after Valentine’s Day this year. And maybe I knew I’d find her because on February 4th I wrote,

“I’m ready to move on. It’s been a long time since my heart was broken. But I don’t want to go looking for my true soul mate. I figure that if it is meant to be, we will find each other. Maybe that is naive of me.”

A few weeks later, she happened to walk into my life.

She had supply taught in my school several times over the year but I hadn’t really noticed her because she always seemed to work with the older students in the other wing of the school. And since my school staggers the recesses, we never ended up having lunch in the staffroom at the same time either. But I believe we were destined to meet.

It’s funny to say this but it was hip-hop that finally brought us together. She was curious to see the extra-curricular activity I was running for the students after school. There was a small group sitting around my desk and I was trying to coach them on writing a rap song. I had done this before with another group of kids and it went really well. I demonstrated how I usually wrote to the beat. I just let the music play and I think of what it tells me. I think of how I can rhyme words over top of the beat so that it sounds good, and then I start writing.

So the classroom door was closed but we had the beats bumping pretty loud. You could hear it from outside of the classroom but we don’t really bother anyone since it is an after-school program.

Anyway, the kids weren’t inspired that day. Neither was I. We hadn’t written anything of substance but some days are like that when you try to write. Plus, the kids didn’t really know how to write rhymes. Fortunately they did manage to come up with a pretty good chorus and they chose a beat that they really liked. So we were set for next week’s practice.

Things were starting to wind down when I noticed her at the classroom door motioning to see if it was okay to come in and see what was going on. Looking back, I think I knew right away that this girl was special. I was pretty smooth and she seemed to like what I was doing. I told her about the hip hop club and what I was trying to do with it. I showed her the CDs I had made a few years back. I told her about my blog and the novels I wrote. I didn’t know what I was doing at the time but it seemed like I was really trying to sell myself.

So, the next day, I get an email from her. I hadn’t even known her name before that. You’ve already met her as she has written two guest posts as WitGirl. In her email, she said that she had checked out my website and all of my excerpts. She told me that she was really interested in reading the entire story of “After the Fact” so I told her I would be honoured if she read it. I brought it to school the next time she was in supplying.

I thought it was odd that of all the things I had written that she wanted to read that one. This was the one piece of work that was awfully personal and autobiographical. I have only let one other person read it so far. But I really enjoy the story and I can admire how I fictionalized some of the things in my life to create a great story. It really works. It is also the only piece of fiction that I have ever written in verse.

Witgirl and I started emailing each other every day. We started figuring out our schedules so that when she was at my school we could spend at least one break together. That graduated to telephone calls. And then finally to our first date.

I invited her to the community talent show where the hip hop club would be performing. I was also performing some of my old material. I thought it would be fun and it was.

Things moved really fast from there. I could tell that she was falling for me and I was falling for her. Things always felt right when I was with her.

I know without a doubt that this is the woman I am going to marry. Unfortunately there are a few things holding us back from doing that right now. I simply don’t have enough money to buy her a ring or provide her with a fancy wedding ceremony. But I do plan on marrying her one day. We’ve talked about it as well.

She really is an amazing woman.

There is a lot more of this story to tell. But I think that is a good start to my lengthy recap. I wish I had kept up my journal so I could have a written record of the past four months. It has been great. I want to make sure that I never forget how I fell in love. I never thought this would happen. It feels great and I am really happy with how things have turned out so far.

My journal seems outdated and irrelevant now. My life has finally started. This is the part I should be documenting. But my journal died and this blog is more than capable of holding my memories. And there will be more to come….


7 responses to “My Lengthy Recap”

  1. Thanks Natural and Alexis,

    I still can't believe that I feel this way. I have had relationships before and I thought I had been in love before too but I was wrong. It never felt this good and this right before. It's amazing.

  2. Wow, this is great, Chase! You are a great guy and She is going to love being married to you!

    Maybe She doesn't want, or need, a fancy ceremony. Never let lack of money stop what is meant to happen.

  3. Hi ECD,

    The sad truth is that I am not in a very good place financially right now. And I know that a lot of couples end up fighting over money. I just don't want that to be an issue. She deserves a lot more than I can give her. But I do feel like we are meant to be and that everything will work out.

    Thanks for the well-wishes.

  4. You have to express more your opinion to attract more readers, because just a video or plain text without any personal approach is not that valuable. But it is just form my point of view

  5. Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks for your input. I understand that some people want to see pictures, images, and video but I much prefer to tell a good story and to use words to paint a picture.

    That being said, I have been posting a lot more pictures recently. Check out my series of Winterlude posts.