My Fight with the Photocopier

– I was trying to copy a large double-sided worksheet for my students
– I set the machine to the 2 sided to 2 sided copy
– The paper selector automatically sets it to 11×17 ledger-sized
– I’m all set
– I hit start
– Three copies come through just fine
– But then it jams.
– I open up the panels and search for the paper stuck in the machine
– I clear the jam and start it back up
– It jams again
– I clear the jam and start once more
– It jams again
– I clear the jam and give up

– I try again later in the day
– I hit double sided 11×17 paper size.
– Three copies come through and then it jams, just like earlier in the day
– I clear out the jam once again,
– I try again, and guess what?
– It jams again
– I clear it out and then switch to one-sided copies
– The copies spit out with ease.
– I put the copies back in the tray, flip over the worksheet and hit one sided-copy
– The copies spit out with ease again and my two-sided copy job is done.
– This should’ve been a quick and easy job that stretched on like this jot note list
– But I got it done.
– I wasted a lot of time but I got it done
– The worksheets will ready for the kids tomorrow.

2 responses to “My Fight with the Photocopier”

  1. I think Satan is the CEO of these copy machine companies and his demons sit around drawing up blueprints for maximum jammability in the machines. Hey, why settle for one area that can jam when a dozen will do — and why not put some of the spots near dangerously hot components as well?

  2. Hi ECD,

    I know what you mean. Sometimes cleaning out a jam can be dangerous. The inside of a copier gets quite hot.

    Fortunately, I haven’t had too many problems with this machine at my new school.