My Classroom is a Laser Field

“My kids have been getting really stir crazy the past few weeks… between bad weather, a muddy playground, and spring break jitters, they’re all too bored of the classroom. So I had to get creative.
My TA and I took red streamer paper and made the room into a laser field.”

How cool is that?

“The kids loved it, especially the boys (and with four times as many boys as girls in my class, their opinion, unfortunately, usually takes precedence!). They had to jump and crawl and climb and above all, be CAREFUL to not touch the ‘lasers’. Kept them busy for an entire afternoon as we worked through our lessons.”

What a great idea!

It comes from a semi-anonymous preschool teacher who blogs under the name Blue and Grey. Her Tumblr has some great ideas.

She even admits that this idea wasn’t completely unique. But like all good teachers, she took it, ran with it, made it her own, and inspired her students in the process.

“I had seen something similar on Pinterest done in a hallway with string… But lets face it, who has a classroom that narrow?! And though this was a little bit of a distraction here and there, it definitely shook the ‘I’m bored’ out of them.

You can’t be afraid to change up your classroom every once in a while! :)”

Very wise words from a fellow teacher!

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