Music Space Issues – Solved

Last summer, I thought that it was so great that I managed to save some space and organize my entire CD collection (see entry). This Christmas break, I found myself organizing this same collection yet again.

It took a lot of time and effort but I managed to convert my entire collection of rap CDs into MP3 files over my Christmas vacation. I borrowed my mom’s laptop since I don’t have a computer capable of doing this. I then burned the MP3 files onto CDs and was able to fit, on average, ten albums onto one CD. I was able to fit my entire rap collection, 500 CDs onto 48 discs. They now fit into two CD wallets.

I can’t believe that I can take my entire rap collection with me anywhere now. This is amazing. I have noticed that MP3s don’t sound as good as the regular CD format. But like all people, I am willing to trade a little bit of sound quality for the convenience.

I love the fact that I still have the DJ crates so I can access the original CDs easily enough whenever I want to. I can still open up the art and explore these albums that way I always have in the past. I can’t see myself ever selling my collection of CDs. I love having this collection and I like the fact that I have now backed up my collection. This is something that I would never have been able to do in the past. Technology is so amazing in what it can do these days. Tomorrow I will tell you about my new player.