Music Room Storage Solutions

Last week I gave you a brief tour of my music classroom.

Today, I want to expand that to show you how I store reeds and method books.

Class Reed Storage

I got these small drawer units from the dollar store. I also picked up some sticker labels so each class could have its own drawer.

Each drawer is detachable and since I only have 7 classes that I teach, I gave one drawer to a fellow music teacher so she could have a drawer for each of her 5 music classes.

Class Reeds

I make sure that each student writes his or her name on the plastic reed case. The reeds are stored here and not in the individual instrument cases. This is important because I have had times where a specific instrument doesn’t get returned on time and since the reeds are stored here, students can play a different instrument if need be without having to get a new reed.

This is how I store the method books.

Each bin is numbered and hosts the books for a few different instruments.

I really love this method book. It is called Band Fundamentals in Easy Steps. It is long out of print but it is such an excellent resource that I had to refreshen my collection.

The books I had were old and falling apart. So I photocopied them, laminated covers, and made them easy to identify by instrument. I will share this precious resource with you in an upcoming edition of Teaching Tip Tuesday. Stay tuned to this blog for more.

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