Music for Skaters (Clean Version)

I love skateboarding and I love mixtapes, so I decided to bring both things together and craft “Music for Skaters”

I love the artistry of mixtapes. Choosing songs, blending them together, weaving a theme and mood throughout, and then sharing the mix. What could be better that that?

How about having a finished product that you can feel comfortable sharing with anyone and everyone?

That’s why I redid “Music for Skaters” as a clean album. I removed a few songs that had violent messages or overtly mature themes and language. I censored the remaining songs so that the swear words are inaudible. And I’ve made a mix that I can blast anywhere.

If you want the longer, uncensored version, you can download it for free.

Or you can Download “Music for Skaters (The Clean Version)

Both mixtapes are blended so that each song runs into the next. It’s perfect music to skate to, or to just enjoy in your rides, iPods, or home stereos this summer. Plus, you can skip through the tracks if  you so desire.

I hope you enjoy the mix. Feel free to share it with your friends or point them this way so they can download it themselves.

Bring on the music!